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Ricoh GR II - Unabashingly direct

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If the Fujifilm X100T was the argyle wearing soft spoken scholar, then the Ricoh GR would be his young mingling party going brother. And rightfully so. With the focusing of the Fujifilm X100T not being built for run and gun and the size of it being too big for the pocket, it is the go to camera for when I want excellent image quality without any of the bulk of a big camera.

I use the Ricoh GR II the exact same way as I use the GR I, the upgrades to the GR II doesn't make the GR I obsolete at all.

The first words comes to mind when I describe the Ricoh GR II to anyone is that the camera is "in-your-face". I often turn on the on camera flash and photograph my subjects from a few feet away. The small size and the ordinary look of the camera also helps to disarm my subjects as I approach them and shoot them at a close distance.

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I Moo'd last week. My goal was simple, to change and simplify my current business cards, make them more attractive, and change some vital information (this was the real reason). I had a choice, to print my cards again and change the original text, or to make new cards.

I was introduced to Moo years ago, when it was just beginning to pull photos from your Flickr stream, and the cards were half the size of normal business cards (that option still exists). To my delight, Moo now prints business cards are 3:2 aspect ratio, perfect for those of us who shoots 35mm and do not like cropping (more on that later).

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