I Moo'd last week. My goal was simple, to change and simplify my current business cards, make them more attractive, and change some vital information (this was the real reason). I had a choice, to print my cards again and change the original text, or to make new cards.

I was introduced to Moo years ago, when it was just beginning to pull photos from your Flickr stream, and the cards were half the size of normal business cards (that option still exists). To my delight, Moo now prints business cards are 3:2 aspect ratio, perfect for those of us who shoots 35mm and do not like cropping (more on that later).

The biggest reason that I didn't go with Moo long ago was because it seemed like a gimmick. While it was great having many different designs printed to one single set of cards, it wasn't very economical. For a student, it wasn't a priority. Today, the Moo cards that I ordered cost about 30 cents each, but that's no longer a bad thing.

Years ago when I printed cards, I would order cards at a reasonable price, thousands at a time. Though I didn't even give all of them away before I felt like I needed to change the design of the cards.  Each time I had to throw a stack of cards away that was outdated, in both information and content.  I learned after many different batches, was that what I do is about personalization with my clients.  Passing out business cards usually happens after we've had a conversation.  It was no longer the Chinese fast food joint flier mentality.

I wanted a clean business card.  Uncluttered, void of all unnecessary information while still retained enough to tell potential client and contacts about what I do.  Conventionally, we were taught to include our full address, job title, company name, phone, fax, email, brother's twitter, mother's flickr and you get the idea onto our business cards.  Through the years I've tried to have less and less, but what I couldn't get away was telling the client what kind of photographer I was via text (advertising, editorial, fashion, etc).

With Moo cards, I no longer have to list in writing what type of photographer I am.  I am now able to print a number of different photos to the business cards, and pass them out accordingly.  For instance, I would give different cards to portrait clients than fine art clients.  I carry a stack of different designs with me, and I let different different designs do the talking for me.  The print quality is excellent and Moo allows up to 50 different designs without extra cost, eventually maybe I will print a deck of cards all with my face on the cards (Moo offers rounded corner too.. Perfect).

When I first ordered, I was skeptical until I saw their satisfaction guarantee.  I had some minor hiccup with file format and coloring and when I received the cards, they were a bit dark.  A simple phone call to Moo and I had another set of cards printed and sent to me without extra charge.  I won't be afraid to order with them as I know they will make sure I have the best cards possible.

If you are thinking about or on the fence about getting your own Moo cards, here is a link to get 10% off your entire order.

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